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Online Self-Paced CDA Course

This Self-Paced CDA Course is conducted through the CCSN online training platform for participants who need the flexibility to start and stop the course at their own pace.

Participants log in to view all required course material, view additional reference material, complete their lessons, take tests and receive interactive guidance from the course instructor. Participants can also interact with fellow participants via a private Facebook Group.

Bonus: FREE access to our 3-hour CDA Portfolio Workshop video webinar is included!

Student testimonials about Instructor Lakeshia Nnamani

About the Online Self-Paced CDA Course

The objective of this course is to fulfill 120 clock hours of training in the 8 CDA subject areas, complete the required CDA Portfolio and prepare for the CDA Verification Visit. Upon completion of this course, participants will be ready to apply for the CDA Credential.

The curriculum is organized by the CDA Functional Area. Each functional area will include pre-recorded videos, a training, comprehension questions, short answer questions, and case study scenarios. All homework assignments must be completed by the end of the curriculum in order to receive certification for the completion of this course. Short answer questions and case study scenarios require review from the instructor who will have 2 weeks to review all responses. Participants will have 6 months of access to complete the course.

  • Participants choose their credential setting from Infant-Toddler (Center, ages 0-2), Preschool (Center, ages 3-5), or Family Child Care (Home, ages 0-5).

  • Self-paced format allows participants to complete the course at their own pace (English only).

  • Includes videos to watch online and written trainings to read online.

  • Following each training, participants will complete 5-10 True/False or Multiple Choice questions and 2 Case Study scenarios and 2 short answer questions.

  • Supplemented with 40 additional hours of online instruction.

  • FREE access to our 3-hour CDA Portfolio Workshop video webinar…a $67 value!

Lakeshia Nnamani, M. Ed., has over a decade of experience as an early childhood educator and many years of experience instructing CDA courses. As an early childhood educator, she served as a pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teacher, preschool owner, child development professor, and early childhood trainer.

Training Length: 123 hours


1‑4 $397.00 5‑9 $377.00 10+ $357.00